Tina Knowles appeared with her daughter, the R&B superstar Beyonce, on an episode of 'The View' yesterday (22nd November 2010), and the pair spoke about Tina's new fashion line for WalMart, as well as their love for 'Spanx', reports The Examiner.
56-year-old Knowles discussed her new range of clothing 'Miss Tina by TINA KNOWLES', and brought out two models to showcase the clothes. A 'model-sized' woman and a 'plus-sized' woman demonstrated how the range can be worn by those of varying body types, and Knowles explained that the line is extremely affordable, with some pieces costing less than $20. The conversation soon moved onto the topic of 'Spanx', and Knowles said, "Spanx were the best thing ever made", referring to the 'body-shaping' undergarment. BEYONCE then added that she's prone to wearing four pairs of the stockings during her performances in order to 'keep it supported'.
Tina first gained fame in the fashion industry after designing the costumes for her daughter's former girl-group DESTINY'S CHILD. She has since launched several labels including 'House of Dereon'. Speaking about the outfits she created for the R&B group, Tina said, "Some of them we look at and say 'what was going on'".