Tina Turner is following in the recently trodden footsteps of French actor Gerard Depardieu and renouncing her citizenship to her mother country, as the legendary singer has decided to say so long and farewell to the United States for good as she has become a fully-fledge Swiss citizen.

The 'Proud Mary' singer, who was born in Nutbush, Tennessee, has been living in the Swiss city of Zurich for close to twenty years now and decided that it is time to make things official as she has handed her US Passport in and picked up a shiny new Swiss one instead. Although Turner has yet to make any official declaration of her new citizenship, local newspaper Zuerichsee-Zeitung has said that the singer has been granted citizenship in the country already and that it is only a matter of time now until things become official.

One source close to Tina told the paper, "She appreciates the beautiful scenery, the friendly people, the game of the four seasons," adding, "She is happy, as it was included here, as they are treated in a friendly and unobtrusive."

Beautiful scenery, mountains of chocolate, friendly people and of course, tax benefits on an unprecedented scale, whats not to like?