The original diva, Tina Turner, is taking her retirement very seriously it would seem.

Recently, it was revealed by Fox News that Turner, 73, has given up her American citizenship in favor of a Swiss passport. The entertainer has lived in a Zurich neighborhood since the mid-90s and apparently, the only logical step at this point was to make it official. "I'm very happy in Switzerland and I feel at home here," she told German tabloid Blick. "I cannot imagine a better place to live."

The council of Kuensnacht (the suburb, where Turner has lived for the past couple of decades or so) announced the decision to grant the singer citizenship in a notice, published in the Friday edition of the official Zuerichsee-Zei-tung newspaper. Of course, the move is as of yet unofficial, because approval has to be granted at the state level, but we can’t imagine any country that wouldn’t be proud to have Miss Turner as their citizen.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Tina’s hometown in Tennessee has commented that, despite her new choice of residence, the singer has never forgotten her American roots. Perhaps it was just that cheap healthcare that tipped her over? Maybe that’s a touchy subject though.