It seems best-selling author Jk Rowling has found an unlikely fan in Tinie Tempah, even if he did just suggest that she needed to be more educated in the magical art of fortune-telling. Nonetheless, this is one piece of Twitter banter that 'Harry Potter' fans cannot get enough of.

JK RowlingJK Rowling gets teased by Tinie Tempah

Possibly in response to a comment that Rowling put on Twitter two weeks ago referencing Chamillionaire's song 'Ridin'' (she hilariously wrote 'They see me Rowlin', They hatin'' after receiving criticism from author Kevin Williamson), rapper Tinie Tempah has name-dropped her in his newest song 'Girls Like' with the line 'Tell JK that we still rolling', much to her surprise.

A Rowling fan took to Twitter to ask the 'Harry Potter' author if she ever thought she'd get a mention like that in a rap song, to which she replied 'I did not!'. Tinie's response? 'Well, maybe you should have spent more time in Divination class', he said, accompanied by a winking emoji, a heart and kiss to show he's just teasing. He was referencing the Hogwarts class that teaches methods of reading the future; crystal gazing, tea-leaf reading, dream interpretation etc.

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In true Rowling style, JK echoed Gryffindor House Head Professor McGonagall, telling him, 'Divination is a very imprecise branch of magic!', but Tinie was having no excuses. 'I see. Next time opt for the Time Turner', he replied, in reference to the wizard time-travel instrument that Harry and Hermione used in 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban'. 

With magic knowledge like that, Tinie has blatantly revealed himself to be a big 'Harry Potter' nerd and, in effect, has probably just gained thousands of new fans as followers wasted no time in expressing their delight at this light-hearted exchange.

'Girls Like' featuring Zara Larsson is the second single from Tinie Tempah's yet to be announced third album.