Tito Jackson says his brother Michael will become more popular than The Beatles or Elvis Presley now he is dead.

The former member of the Jackson Five - the group which launched his brother's stratospheric career - has revealed Michael was bitter critics never classed him as one of the all-time truly great musicians during his lifetime.

Tito said: "Michael always wanted people to think he was the greatest. I knew that, millions and millions of people knew that, but the media would never say it.

"They would never give him his due, even though he had all the records to prove it. They kept him below the mega-stardom reserved for Elvis and The Beatles. They would never put his name next to them. That's all he wanted when he was living."

The 55-year-old musician insists it is only since Michael's untimely passing last month that the world has rediscovered his sibling's music and humanitarian message.

Tito added to Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "I love Elvis and The Beatles but Michael showed the world something we never imagined.

"Now that he's dead he will rise even higher than them. He has definitely done more than them.

"It wasn't just music - it had messages like 'Heal the World' and 'We Are The World'. They were anthems for the world that brought people together."

Since his shock death on June 25, aged 50, it has been estimated the 'King of Pop' has sold nine million albums worldwide.