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Toby Kebbell Hones His Performance-capture Skills In Warcraft

But while Fimmel is there on screen, Kebbell is digitally augmented as the 900-pound orc chieftan Durotan. After making his name as an actor in acclaimed films like Control and RocknRolla, Kebbell discovered that he...

Fantastic Four Villain Fears Film Flop Has Affected His Career

The actor, who played Doctor Doom in the movie, accepts the remake was not what it could have been, and although he was disappointed when the summer flop was savaged by critics and...

Director Josh Trank Says Studio Is At Fault For Poor Reviews Of 'Fantastic Four'

Director Josh Trank has taken action to distance himself from the critically derided reboot of Fantastic Four, appearing to claim that the studio, 20th Century Fox, was at fault for interfering with his “fantastic” vision...

Gal Gadot To Star In Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot will star in a solo 'Wonder Woman' movie.The 29-year-old actress - who has taken on the comic book character in the upcoming flick 'Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice' - will appear in...

Toby Kebbell Lied About 'Dentist Appointment' For Audition

Toby Kebbell told his employers he had a dentist appointment when he needed time off to audition for 'Dawn of the Planet Apes'.The 31-year-old star plays Koba in the forthcoming sci-fi film and he...

Get To Know Fantastic Four's Doctor Doom, Toby Kebbell

Toby Kebbell has just landed the role of super villain Doctor Doom in the upcoming Fantastic Four movie, meaning the British actor is certainly someone worth getting to know. The rising star already has a...

Toby Kebbell To Play Doctor Doom In 'Fantastic Four' - But Who Is He?

As we predicted a couple of weeks back now, British actor Toby Kebbell will play villain Victor von Doom, aka Doctor Doom, in Fox's Fantastic Four reboot. The role was being chased by a number...

Toby Kebbell Cast As Villain Doctor Doom In 'Fantastic Four' Reboot

British actor Toby Kebbell will be starring in his first superhero movie.The 31 year-old, who first gained widespread attention in 2008's 'RocknRolla,' is in talks to play the villain Doctor Doom in the reboot of...

One Of These Four Actors Will Play 'Fantastic Four's' Dr Doom

The casting of Dr Doom in the new Fantastic Four movie has reached its final stages, with four actors in with a shot of playing the main villain. So who will be the one to...

Dominic Cooper Set For Warcraft

Dominic Cooper is set to star in 'Warcraft'. The 35-year-old actor is in final talks to join the fantasy movie, which will be based on the successful Blizzard Entertainment video game 'World of Warcraft', alongside...

Kevin Spacey's 24 Hour Film Challenge

Kevin Spacey has made a film in just 24 hours. The actor-and-director joined forces with 'RocknRolla' actor Toby Kebbell to take part in the New Thinker's Index (NTI) challenge, launched by Hyundai Motor and Microsoft...

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