THE HANGOVER director Todd Phillips started his career luring sexual tales from members of the public on late night TV show TAXICAB CONFESSIONS.
Phillips experienced his first taste of filmmaking on the long-running HBO show, driving loose-lipped passengers around New York City.
And he claims he's individually responsible for the series moving from the Big Apple to Las Vegas.
Phillips tells Details, "I was an intern and HBO needed more English-speaking drivers to get people to talk about f***king, which is my specialty. So I got my hack license and did the show in New York.
"It was thrown out of the city after I asked a guy who wouldn't talk to get out of my cab.
"The head of the Taxi & Limousine Commission had to write a letter to the New York Post. It said, 'To Mayor Giuliani and the citizens of
New York City, we would like to apologise for the indefensible behaviour of HBO and Todd Phillips."