Jack Reacher

Cruise Has The Reach For Action Film: Eyebrows were raised when the 5 foot 7 Tom Cruise was cast to play Lee Child’s Jack Reacher in the action thriller adaptation of the novel. Why? Because in book form Reacher is some 6 foot 5 and over 200 pounds. With the premiere taking place in London this week though, Cruise was quick to defend the role, pointing out that Reacher’s height was a “characteristic” not a “character”. Sure thing.

X Factor UK Winner's Week Begins: Though the critics have panned it throughout, the latest series of The X Factor UK proved the format still has some clout - just ask James Arthur. Announced the winner at the weekend, he clocked up the fastest selling X Factor winner’s single of all time, with 187,000 sales of ‘Impossible’ in just 24 hours. Talking of impossible, it’s hard to see Chris Maloney ever having a career, having his less than magnanimous reaction to defeat. Oh dear.

Kate Middleton Hoax Call Tragedy: Kate Middleton’s pregnancy story took a tragic twist last Friday when it was revealed that 46 year-old nurse Jacintha Saldanha committed suicide, after being hoaxed by a pair of Australian DJs into giving the chance to access personal details about the Royal. DJs Mel Greig and Michael Christian expressed their remorse at the tragic events; they have been suspended from 2DayFM indefinitely.

Les Miserables

Hath, Put That Away!: For the most she looked wonderfully glamorous at Monday’s  premiere in New York, but just one moment caught on camera caused Anne Hathaway to become the talk of the internet after she was caught flashing no knickers as she got out of her limousine. It was a shame for Hathaway, who was wearing one of the night’s most stunning outfits and should’ve been receiving praise for that.

Lindsay Lohan Found Wanting: The prospect of Lindsay Lohan making a redemptive comeback from years of legal issues has all but been snuffed out by now, and even the star herself doesn’t really seem to be interested in fighting for her name anymore. Lohan had a court case scheduled for this week relating to a car crash she caused in the summer; she’s expected to have the probation she’s already on revoked, but isn’t even going to turn up in court for the hearing. But where’s she going to be instead?

Moore Heartache: Devastating news for Demi Moore – again – after her attempts to finally move on from Ashton Kutcher were dealt a blow, after being dumped by her ‘toyboy’ boyfriend Vito Schnabel. The 26 year-old art dealer apparently didn’t feel like Moore’s lifestyle suited him, and having split from 34 year-old Kutcher last year, you have to wonder why Moore keeps wasting her time with these young whippersnappers?

Justin Bieber

Bieber Who?: With the Grammy nominations announces last week, many of the usual faces that have been appearing across the internet over the past year would’ve been unsurprised to have seen their name come up in the nomination categories. Except Justin Bieber that is. The 18 year-old was overlooked by the panel – and his manager Scooter Braun couldn’t hold his tongue about it.

Rimes Lights Brandi: To say Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes have beef is an understand. Rimes had an affair with Glanville’s then-husband Eddie Cibrian which caused him to eventually leave her and marry the country pop singer. Now the two are arguing about Rimes’ suitability for looking after the kids Glanville had with Cibrian, but there’s something altogether more serious going on as well…

Feline Fine?: What is going on with comedian Katt Williams? The stand-up has been arrested several times over the past few weeks, causing promoters Live Nation to subsequently cancel his current US tour, but not before he whipped an audience member at one of his shows with a microphone. Whatever it is, it doesn’t look like ending well for the erratic comic.

Lone Ranger

Video Of The Week: We’re starting to feel a bit sorry for Armie Hammer. He may be playing the title character in The Lone Ranger, but there’s only really one star anyone’s interested in for this film: Johnny Depp. Depp plays Hammer’s sidekick Tonto, and the latest trailer gives us a further tantalising glimpse into what the eccentric actor has in store for audiences next year.