When Hollywood actor Tom Cruise married Katie Holmes many saw an emerging pattern of the Mission Impossible superstar getting hitched with younger and younger women every time he walked down the aisle. And, as the rumours of marriage number 4 continue to swirl, that trend does not look like it’s going to change anytime soon as his relationship with his 22-year-old British assistant begins to hot up.

Mission Impossible: Rogue NationTom Cruise takes on the role of Ethan Hawke for a fifth time in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

Emily Thomas has been working as the star’s assistant since last year and, with a 31 year age gap between the two, this could be Cruise’s youngest bride yet.

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According to The Telegraph, Cruise is reportedly “head over heels” in love with Thomas after they met when she was appointed his on-set assistant during the fifth instalment of the highly successful Mission Impossible franchise.

His new film, Rogue Nation, is released later this month but the biggest talk of Tinseltown in the burgeoning romance between Cruise andhis unknown love with heavy suggestion pointing to Tom already having popped the question during a recent trip to Morocco.

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If so, this will be Cruise’ fourth marriage after divorcing Mimi Rodgers in 1990, Nicole Kidman in 2001 and, most recently, Katie Holmes in 2012.

You know what they say, fourth time’s a charm?