Edge of Tomorrow may just have been the unexpected hit of the summer, but Warner Bros. aren't done with the surprises yet - they seem to have the film's name to its more catchy tagline Live Die Repeat for the DVD/Blu-Ray release. 

Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt in Edge Of TomorrowTom Cruise and Emily Blunt in Edge Of Tomorrow

Take a look at the box art, and you'll see those words emblazoned, capitalized in yellow. They take precedence on the cover, rather than the film's actual title, which is actually pretty bland and uninspiring compared to the film itself, which scored big the critics. 

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Similar tactics, although not as blatant, were employed for the film's iTunes page, which sees it entitled: Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow. Either someone at Bros. didn't get the memo or the company simply haven't decided what to call their film yet, which is weird considering it's been out for months. 

What's more, this isn't even the first time its name has been changed; it was originally called All You Need Is Kill, after the book from which it was adapted - The Japanese military science fiction light novel was written by Hiroshi Sakurazaka. 

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Undoubtedly this is going to cause confusion, but it could just cause enough of a stir to reinvigorate interest just ahead of the film's DVD/VOD release - a godsend from a marketing point of view. And it's not like the film did particularly well in the box office, despite being a surprise critical success. The only mention of 'Edge of Tomorrow' - the film's title while it was garnering positive whispers - appears only as an ostensible afterthought at the bottom of the artwork, which you can check out below. 

Live Die RepeatThe artwork for Live Die Repeat