Who knew that one sentence dropped by Tom Cruise could ignite such a fire? Well, most people probably knew, but it’s still a bit strange to see the reactions to his misconstrued comment (a publicist for Cruise claimed that the actor had in no way compared his job to those of servicemen and women in Afghanistan.) After the court documents were publicized, fellow actor Mark Wahlberg made a comment, which everyone interpreted as a slam directed at Cruise.

Mark Wahlberg, Lone Survivor Gala Screening At AFI Fest
Wahlberg apparently holds no grudge against Tom Cruise specifically.

However, the “”Lone Survivor” star later commented for a TMZ cameraman that he didn’t make the comment with Cruise in mind.

“I didn’t know that it was Tom Cruise that said that,” Wahlberg commented in passing. “Somebody just mentioned that people were comparing that. I love Tom Cruise.”

He did make it clear, however, that he did not approve of the comparison, regardless of whether it was his fellow action star who made it.

Tom Cruise, Hollywood Walk of Fame
For his part, Tom Cruise is yet to respond to Wahlberg's comment. It isn't likely though, since his publicist has denied that Cruise ever made the comment.

“I have the utmost respect for Tom Cruise,” he continued. “But I have the utmost respect for military guys, it’s just unfair for anyone to comment on that.”

This will hopefully put an end to the public misunderstanding, which has absolutely nothing to do with Wahlberg promoting his upcoming military flick. Well, now that that’s all cleared up, we should all be free to focus on Miley Cyrus’ latest oh-so-scandalous public appearance.

Just for good measure, you can see the Lone Surivivor trailer below.