Tom Cruise banned Jimmy Fallon from watching his "five hour" Lip Sync Battle rehearsal.

The 61-year-old actor appeared on 'The Tonight Show' back in 2015 in the hugely popular segment - which launched as a standalone show the same year with Chrissy Teigen and LL Cool J at the helm - as he delivered his own routine to The Weeknd's hit 'Can't Feel My Face'.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, late night talk show host Jimmy recalled: "I mean, come on. Tom Cruise practiced this for five hours this day.

"I wasn't allowed to go into the studio 'cause he's such a perfectionist, and I didn't want to know."

The 49-year-old presenter joined 'The Tonight Show' the previous year, and yesterday (14.05.24) he celebrate a decade hosting the iconic programme, although he's still a fair way from Johnny Carson's record.

He joked: "Well, this is 10 years. Johnny has 30, so I have 20 more years to go. I feel pretty good. I still love what I do. I love talking to people.

"I feel like it's getting even more fun because I have grown up with these people now, and I have seen them - their highs their lows.

"I've seen bad boyfriends. I've seen good boyfriends. I've seen them get married and have kids and the kids grow up."

Jimmy described his experience so far as "a dream", and he has no intention of stepping down any time soon.

He added: "I mean, I've seen a lot of stuff in the 10 years of The Tonight Show, and I'd love to go on longer and just keep making more memories and making more friends. It's truly a dream come true."

The TV veteran - who rose to fame as a 'Saturday Night Live' cast member in 1998 - explained that the "whole goal" is simply to "make people laugh" and give them something to smile about.

He said: "I'm very lucky, again, with The Tonight Show. Good things keep happening to the show, and I just want to keep it rolling, keep everyone having fun.

"Our whole goal of the show is to make people laugh and to make people happy, and if I can do it for as long as I can, that'll be the best thing for me."