Tom Cruise is planning to shoot a film in space.

According to Deadline, the 'Top Gun' star and Elon Musk's SpaceX are working with NASA on a project that would be the first narrative movie to be filmed in outer space.

The potential flick will be an action adventure, although it is not related to the 'Mission: Impossible' franchise.

The project is in the early stages of development and no studio is attached as of yet.

Cruise is known for going above and beyond in filming. Production on 'Mission: Impossible - Fallout' was halted after he broke his ankle jumping from one rooftop to another as he shot an action sequence.

The 57-year-old actor is also reprising his role as pilot Pete 'Maverick' Mitchell in 'Top Gun: Maverick'.

The flick comes 34 years after the original and Tom admits that he ''never thought'' a sequel would happen.

He said: ''Everywhere I went, people would be like, 'Do Top Gun', and I'm like, 'Guys, I don't know how to do it.'

''I don't know what the story is. I don't make movies just to make movies. I was like, 'Jerry (Bruckheimer, producer), it's never going to happen'. I honestly never thought I would make it.''

Tom admitted that he signed up for the film - which has had its release pushed back until December as a result of the coronavirus outbreak - on the basis that he could perform the tricky scenes himself, without relying on CGI.

He explained: ''We just started talking and I realised that there were things that we could accomplish cinematically. I started getting excited about this big challenge of, 'How do we do it?' So I said to Jerry, 'I'll do it if...' meaning, I'm not going to do the CGI stuff.''