Wow, that really told him. Tom Daley's mother Debbie is the talk of Twitter today after writing a comically angry letter to British Swimming chief executive David Sparkes for his criticism of Daley's media career. The CEO scolded the young swimmer for putting his television commitments ahead of his sport, while critics agree that his new ITV show Splash! is utterly dreadful.

The show - which sees celebrities attempt complex dives from scary-high platforms - premiered last Saturday, though it was described as car crash television. In fairness to Daley, the show was entertaining enough for the sheer haphazardness of it all. Presenters Gabby Logan and Vernon Kay didn't appear to know where they were, while the judges gave ridiculously polarised scores for terrible, terrible dives. However, who doesn't want to see a bunch of C-list celebrities belly flopping into a pool? 

Anyway, the whole thing incensed swimming boss Sparkes, who is rightly thinking of Daley's preparations for Rio 2016.  Tom's mother Debbie Daley does not agree. In the letter published in the Daily Mail, she told Mr Sparkes, "Tom was possibly one of the athletes who helped you retain your job. Others say that your performance was the worst of any CEO in British sport. You are worried about Tom's performances? Well, I am worried about yours." Tom seemed pretty proud of his fiery mother, tweeting, "My mum is AMAZING :Dx"

Funnily enough, Splash's Wikipedia page contains a 'See Also' link to 'Monkey Tennis,' the programme dreamed up by Alan Partridge on the sitcom I'm Alan Partridge.