Olympic diver Tom Daley and his award-winning screenwriter husband Lance Black welcomed their first child together in June but the 24-year-old gold medallist has revealed he thought he wouldn’t be able to have kids when he came out.

Lance Black and Tom DaleyLance Black and Tom Daley welcomed son Robbie Ray in June

Speaking to the Guardian, Daley said he had no idea it would have been possible to start a family when he came out as gay in 2013 during a YouTube video.

But it seems he was already thinking about the possibility of children, even at that time when he was just 19.

The star - who welcomed Robby Ray Black-Daley a year after he and Justin got married - said he has been buying baby clothes since he was still a teen.

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He said: "I’ve been shopping for baby clothes for six years, since before I met Lance, since I was 17 or 18.

"There’s nothing I’ve ever been more sure of in my life than having a family." But Daley, whose dad Robert died in 2011, said he just assumed that being in a long-term relationship with a man meant giving up his dream of fathering kids.

He added: "One of the things I was so mortified about, so upset about, when I came out, was that I’d never be able to have a family.

"There’s something so special about passing on what my parents have taught me to children of my own."

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He also spoke out about the criticism he and Lance received when they revealed they used a surrogate to conceive their son.

"I always flash back to when Kanye and Kim announced they were having a baby through surrogacy," he said. "Apparently Kim had some kind of health issue, the first [baby] was all right, and the second, but the third would be a problem. And it was all: ‘Oh my God, isn’t she so lovely having a baby.’

"As soon as it was two men, the narrative quickly shifted. Lance said he expected the backlash to come more from the US than the British press."