An email from former Blink-182 guitarist Tom DeLonge to Hillary Clinton's campaign manager John Podesta has emerged from almost exactly a year ago on WikiLeaks, discussing a documentary relating to the existence of UFOs. In the email, DeLonge asks Podesta to get involved in the project.

Tom DeLongeTom DeLonge discusses UFOs with Podesta

DeLonge introduces himself in the email as 'The one who interviewed you for that special documentary not too long ago', suggesting that the two had met in the past, before going on to explain what material he had lined up for the project and requesting his involvement.

'Just had a preliminary meeting with Spielberg's Chief Operating Officer at DreamWorks. More meetings are now on the books', he claims. 'I would like to bring two very 'important' people out to meet you in DC. I think you will find them very interesting, as they were principal leadership relating to our sensitive topic.'

'Both were in charge of most fragile divisions, as it relates to Classified Science and DOD [Department of Defense] topics', he continues. 'I just need 2 hours from you. Just looking to have a casual, and private conversation in person.' 

The email is signed with contact information for his media company To The Stars. Named after his debut solo album, the company was behind the release of his book 'Sekret Machines: Chasing Shadows'; a study of Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon. 

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WikiLeaks also shared another email from January regarding former US Air Force Major General McCasland. In it, DeLonge claims that the military official in question is not as much of a skeptic as he claims in public. 'I've been working with him for four months. I just got done giving him a four hour presentation on the entire project a few weeks ago', he said. 'He just has to say that out loud, but he is very, very aware as he was in charge of all of the stuff.' 

He also reveals that McCasland was actually in charge of the base where the alleged UFO at Roswell crashed. 'They shipped it to the laboratory at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. General McCasland was in charge of that exact laboratory up to a couple years ago', he adds. 'He not only knows what I'm trying to achieve, he helped assemble my advisory team. He's a very important man.'