If you like your historical movies dark, brooding and scandalous, you're sure to love new romance In Secret. Tom Felton, ('Harry Potter'), Elizabeth Olsen ('Martha Marcy May Marlene'), Oscar Isaac ('Inside Llewyn Davies') and Jessica Lange ('Blue Sky') star in this sumptuously shot french period drama set during a time of traditional values, incestuous marriages and the unquestioning fear of God.

Tom Felton Jessica Lange In Secret
Tom Felton [L] Plays Another Character We're Not Meant To Like Alongside Jessica Lange [R] In Drama 'In Secret.'

Set in 1860s Paris, In Secret tells the fictional tale of young and sexually repressed Therese Raquin (Olsen) who is married off to her sickly and unpassionate cousin, Camille (Felton). Camille shrugs off Therese's every advance to further their anemic marriage, even on their wedding night. However, Camille's childhood friend and painter Laurent (Isaac) comes to stay with the couple and proves himself to be a far more engaging companion than the frosty Camille.

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Faced with a lifetime with an unsatisfying relationship, Therese makes the decision to embark on an illicit and impassioned affair with the sensual painter behind the back of her husband and her domineering aunt, Madame Raquin (Lange). The pair decide that they want to be together unimpeded and make a pact to elope after doing away with Camille on a boat trip. However, their romance after the murder becomes tainted with guilt and the ever-increasing suspicion of Madame Raquin, forcing the couple to confront their sins head on.

Oscar Isaac Elizabeth Olsen In Secret
Olsen's Therese & Isaac's Laurent Embark On An Illicit Affair With Dark Consequences.

Written and directed by Charlie Stratton ('Faux Baby'), In Secret is based on the 1867 classic novel, Therese Raquin, written by Emile Zola which is also the subject of a play by Neal Bell. This compelling story examines the ambition of passion and the extreme lengths people will go to in order to be with the one they love, with often dark and unwelcome consequences.

In Secret will be released from the 21st February.