Harry Potter star Tom Felton was left bemused after a fan in Los Angeles mistook him for another famous Brit with the same first name - McFly pop rocker Tom Fletcher.

A girl stopped the 25-year-old actor during a chance meeting on Monday (04Mar13) and gushed about how much she loved his work - but it soon dawned on Felton that he wasn't the Tom she thought he was.

In a series of Twitter.com posts, he writes, "So just had a rather amusing experience. Girl came up to me in La and asked for a picture.I ofcourse (sic) said yes! She went on to tell (me) how she was such a big fan of my work, loved everything I'd done and even said she loved my music! Very humbled at this point,I smiled...

"She then mid picture told me how my wedding video was the best thing she'd ever seen.....then it hit me,she thinks I'm @tommcfly... I shamefully accepted the praise.I'd gone too far to turn back! couldn't tell her that she's got the #WrongTom so I just smiled to myself".

Felton, who portrayed villainous Draco Malfoy in the boy wizard franchise, is not married. Boyband star Fletcher, 27, wed Giovanna Falcone last year (12) and recently shared a video clip of himself on his big day, singing MCFly tracks to his new bride.