Tom Ford thinks he'd have died if he hadn't quit drinking.

The 53-year-old designer - who has two-year-old son Jack with husband Richard Buckley - admits his drinking spiralled ''out of control'' when he was in his 40s, and his problems escalated when he left Gucci in 2004.

He admitted: ''I became quite depressed. When you're depressed you drink more and when you drink more you get more depressed. And along with the drinks there were drugs. And when you have that kind of high you also have that kind of low.

''And I didn't have a child and I didn't have -- y'know for a couple of years -- a career. My life... I honestly don't think I'd be alive if I hadn't stopped drinking.''

And since giving up alcohol, the 'A Single Man' filmmaker has found his life is better than ever.

He said: ''Once I stopped drinking I found this clarity, which can be painful for a while but my life has just fallen into place. I built a business, made a movie, had a child, I'm making another movie.''

And another way in which the designer has changed is relaxing his notoriously high standards.

Tom - who previously admitted he was so much of a perfectionist, it felt like ''a mental illness'' - told ES magazine: ''Our house is covered in plastic toys.

''I cannot believe it! I mean, I used to just live for decorating. Our houses were flawless.

''I think for some gay men, their houses become their children. It was that case for me, but I just don't care as much anymore. I have moments where I think, 'Oh s**t!' It's not exactly a pigsty, but it's not as immaculate,''