Tom Ford was ''struck'' by the energy of 'Nocturnal Animals'.

The 55-year-old fashion designer and filmmaker has admitted he had ''so much'' filming scenes for his latest production and was surprised by the ''beauty'' of the film.

Speaking to GQ magazine, the creative mastermind said: ''We had so much fun that day. And when I watched the film, I was just struck by the beauty of it, by the beauty of them and by their energy. I just love that sequence. They are the representation of people who have let go of what society says you're supposed to be. And what are they? Joyful. And what is Susan who's being everything society says she should be? Miserable.''

However, Tom has revealed he can't handle the chaotic lifestyle of living in New York and has joked he has to take Valium, which is a medication which produces a calming effect.

He explained: ''I find New York too frenetic. I mean, I have to take Valium when I'm in New York, and the energy doesn't seem focused at anything because everything's so difficult. You get back at the end of the day and you feel like this. And you think, 'Oh God, I did this and I did that, but what did I really do? I went downtown. That was exhausting.' ''