Tom Guiry, the former child star who gained fame for his role as Smalls in the film Sandlot, was taken into police custody this weekend following a violent run-in with cops at Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston. The 31-year-old was deemed too drunk to board his plane and when he started getting leary that's when police were called in, but the drama didn't stop there.

Tom Guiry
Guiry attempted to kick an officer in the face, and landed a head-butt

According to the police report filed by local authorities, and as first reported by TMZ, Guiry was at Houston airport this weekend and was attempting to board his United Airlines flight, when an employee for the airline company decided that he was too drunk to fly. Clearly angry with the employee's judgement call, Guiry forced the employee to call airport security, who arrived at the scene to place him under arrest and cite him for public intoxication, but it wasn't that easy to cite the actor for the incident.

The report goes on to mention that when he was confronted, Guiry began to get violent and started verbally abusing the airport officer, even threatening him with violence. He then got up and attempted to kick an officer in the head, missing, but succeeding with his follow-up attack; a swift head-butt too an officer's face. Guiry was eventually taken down by airport cops and hauled off to the drunk tank. The officer's injuries are said to only be minor.

Guiry was charged for felony assault on a police officer and was placed in a cell until he could meet his $5,000 bail. He is now out of police custody and is not expected to face further action for his crime. He has been reached for a comment on the situation, but so far hasn't returned any calls.

Tom Guiry Steel City
Tom Guiry at the Steel City premiere