Tom Hanks' bones ''felt like soda crackers'' during his coronavirus battle.

The 'Forrest Gump' star battled the deadly virus earlier in the year alongside his wife Rita Wilson, and admitted the illness left him feeling so fatigued, whilst his wife had a high fever and lost her sense of taste.

Explaining his and Rita's symptoms, he said: ''We had very different symptoms. She had a higher fever than I did. She had horrible nausea ...

''We were eating takeout food that I thought was delicious. It was savoury goodness. It had butter sauces. It had come from a thing, highly recommended joint. And she was saying, 'This tastes like oatmeal to me.' I thought she was insane. I had bones that felt like they were made out of soda crackers and bone-crushing fatigue.''

And the 64-year-old actor was so surprised when he was first diagnosed with the virus whilst filming the Elvis Presley biopic in Australia.

Asked on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert if he was surprised by his diagnosis, he said: ''Yes, we were. We had no idea how it could have happened or where.''

Meanwhile, Tom previously insisted he has ''no respect'' for people who don't wear face masks amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking about those who don't wear face masks, he said: ''I don't get it, I simply do not get it, it is literally the least you can do. If anybody wants to build up an argument about doing the least they can do, I wouldn't trust them with a driver's licence. I mean, when you drive a car, you've got to obey speed limits, you've got to use your turn signals [indicators], you've got to avoid hitting pedestrians. If you can't do those three things, you shouldn't be driving a car. If you can't wear a mask and wash your hands and social distance, I've got no respect for you, man. I don't buy your argument.''