Tom Hank's 'Captain Phillips' Kick Off 51st New York Film Festival world Premiere of 'Captain Phillips' that screened at Lincoln's Center's Alice Tully Hall.

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Tom Hanks starring as Captain Phillips

Britain's Paul Greengrass directed the intense real-life thriller that was based on events that occurred in 2009 when a US cargo ship was hijacked by Somali pirates.

Captain Phillips of the US-flagged MV Maersk Alabama was taken captive by the pirates on a lifeboat which led to a media frenzy up until his release on April 12th 2009 when a Navy marksmen opened fire and killed all tree hijackers.

The Captain was a hostage for four days from the 8th to the 12th April. The multi-layered film engages with the complexity of globalisation - the main focus being on the relationship between the two captains as Hanks portrays the American Captain Richard Phillips, who enters a psychological battle upon his capture.

The duty to play a real life persona comes with a great deal of pressure, as it will be subject to scrutiny if the authenticity of the film doesn't appropriately depict the harrowing experience Captain Phillips endured.

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So how did Tom Hanks performance fare under the microscope of the critics?

Hanks admitted to visiting the Captain in person several times in order to prepare for this role and Greengrass has adapted real-life events to the big screen before when he directed 'United 93' and 'Bloody Sunday' which are similar to the documentary-like realism, therefore the movie is very experienced hands.

The film received a standing ovation upon its conclusion at the New York venue as Greengrass and the actors who played the Somali pirates were spotlighted to soak up the overwhelming reception.

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Captain Phillips was the only crew member to be taken hostage

Critics have favoured this film as a favourite for best picture at the Oscars, so what do they say?

Tom McCarthy of The Hollywood Reporter said "Paul Greengrass and Tom Hanks team up for a pulsating account of the kidnapping of the captain of an American cargo ship by Somali pirates".

The praise continued as Mark Adams from Screen International thought it was "an enthralling and beautifully made action-drama driven by an absorbing lead performance from Tom Hanks."

It seems Hanks and Greengrass have created a definite favourite for the upcoming award season, don't miss this epic thriller when 'Captain Phillips' hits theatres on October 11th 2013.

captain phillips
Tom Hanks visited Phillips to prepare for the role