An advert for Jaguar cars featuring movie villains Tom Hiddleston, Sir Ben Kingsley and Mark Strong has been banned over fears it could promote irresponsible driving.

The Tv commercial featured appearances from all three British stars and focused on their reputations for playing big screen bad guys, with Hiddleston, who portrays Thor's nemesis Loki in the superhero franchise, saying, "They say Brits play the best villains."

However, the advert, which featured the slogan "It's good to be bad", has drawn the wrath of bosses at the U.K.'s advertising watchdog Advertising Standards Authority, who ruled the scenes which featured Hiddleston driving a Jaguar promote speeding.

The ruling reads, "We considered that the second part of the ad suggested that the car was being driven at excessive speeds and that the ad therefore encouraged irresponsible driving... The ad must not appear again in its current form... We told Jaguar Land Rover (the company) not to portray speed of driving behaviour that might encourage motorists to drive irresponsibly in future (sic)."