The Thor star will work with the organisation to help promote British film, raise awareness for the institute's initiatives and activities and help guide new filmmakers and actors.

"Film is an art form - one of the most powerful, accessible, democratic and transformative in our society," Hiddleston says. "It allows us to see the world around us, and the lives of others. It plays a vital role in establishing our national identity and gives us confidence as a nation.

"The BFI looks after the most significant collection of film and television in the world. It should be treasured and protected, in the same way we treasure and protect all our great cultural collections, from art and music, to libraries and museums.

"The BFI's mission is to ensure that our film culture is kept alive, and to inspire the next generation of film talent. It's the reason the BFI exists and why I am committed to being a BFI ambassador."