Tom played Jonathan Pine in the BBC miniseries, and made a whole host of new fans when he stripped down and bared his bottom for a sex scene with co-star Elizabeth Debicki.

In fact, the scene was such a hit with fans that it now features on Pornhub - the world's largest site of pornographic videos.

But the sharing of the scene hasn't gone down well with BBC bosses, who have been left furious after that and footage from several other shows on the network - including War and Peace and Lady Chatterley's Lover - are also on the site.

"We take breach of copyright very seriously. The BBC is working closely alongside the relevant independent production companies to get this footage taken down," a BBC spokesperson told The Sun newspaper.

Among the most searched for stars on Pornhub are former Downton Abbey star Lily James and DICkensian actress Tuppence Middleton, who have drawn 2,000 unique views apiece. Meanwhile, Elizabeth is one of the site's biggest hits and has brought in almost 9,000 unique hits.

Speaking previously about her sex scene with Tom on The Night Manager, Elizabeth told the Daily Mail newspaper that she and her co-star were desperate to get it shot as "quickly" as possible.

"We both wanted it to be over quickly," she told the publication. "The faster we could shoot that bit, the better. We did it in one take and everyone on the set was like, 'OK, I think we've got it now, let's move on.' Which was a relief for both of us."

The BBC's newest offering Versailles, which premiered on U.K. television on Wednesday night (01Jun16), featured full-frontal nudity and several intimate romps on its opening episode.

The series has already aired in France, meaning that several scenes are available on Pornhub.