Tom Hiddleston might play one of the now iconic villains of the Marvel-verse, but the charitable actor actually has little in common with his character in Thor: The Dark World. This past Halloween, Hiddleston took the chance to get in touch with his youngest fans, appearing in full Loki garb before an audience of 300 children at a recent special Halloween screening of Thor: The Dark World. For USA Today, the actor explained that he loves reconnecting with his youngest fans, because they put everything into perspective.

Tom Hiddleston, Thor: The Dark World Premiere
The movie and especially Hiddleston's character have been a constant news item for the past two weeks.

"Sometimes it's easy to forget that's who we're doing it for," Hiddleston says. "It really brought home to me what a privilege it is to occupy a place in this particular universe. When you hear the pleasure and delight of children, it makes it all worth it."

In The Dark World, Hiddleston seems to be the highlight of the cast, with critics praising his complex and nuanced performance left and right. Hiddleston explains that his third turn as Loki reveals much more about the character than the previous two films – Thor and The Avengers.

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“In The Dark World is where we really get into the nitty-gritty at home,” Hiddleston says. “It's the meat and potatoes, the muscularity of their relationship and particular chemistry that can yield enormous drama, battles of wits and wills and also, thrillingly, some humor.”

This is also where most of the character’s vulnerability comes out and Hiddleston did his best to consciously portray that: “Loki presents an illusion of sleek elegance and control to everyone, but actually inside is this bleeding broken heart. That truth is given literal shape. He presents an illusion to Thor and Thor calls him on it, and then suddenly the illusion dissipates and dissolves away and you see the truth of Loki's soul in his body and his face.” No spoilers, folks!

Tom Hiddleston, Thor: The Dark World
Critics were largely underwhelmed by the movie overall, but impressed with Hiddleston's performance.