Everyone seems to have an opinion on Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston’s blossoming romance, but few are as forthright as Wendy Williams. On Monday (June 27) the host discussed their romance in detail on the ‘Hot Topics’ segment of her talk show and it seems she’s not totally convinced by their love.

Taylor Swift and Tom HiddlestonTaylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston’s romance has caught the attention of Wendy Williams.

"So, Taylor swift and this new boyfriend of hers, Tom Hiddleston, apparently they're getting serious,” she began. "I know. It's only been three weeks. And she's 26. That's old enough to understand—like, you don't show your feelings on your sleeve in three weeks, you know? And he's a 30-something.”

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"I suspect he's also a bit of an opportunist," Williams then said of Hiddleston. "I'm going to tell you why: First of all, he wants to be the next James Bond, and he's English. And I suspect...Because I'd never heard of this guy before, you see, so how do you drum up votes? By getting on Hot Topics. I'm just saying! How do you get on Hot Topics? By dating somebody that we talk about.”

Williams then moved on to discuss the first pictures that were taken of the couple, at a beach near Swift’s Rhode Island property, and accused the singer of probably calling the paparazzi herself. Then, commenting on Swift’s decision to introduce Hiddleston to her parents, Williams added: “After only three weeks of dating! Who does that?”

But Williams wasn't totally clued up on Swift and Hiddleston’s history and got a few of her facts wrong during the segment. In one section she accused Swift of dancing with Hiddleston in front of then-boyfriend Calvin Harris at the Met Gala.

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While it is true the pair did enjoy a dance off at the event, Harris was not present. But she did end her rant with some words of advice for Harris: “Just go on with your life,” she told the producer. “You've got what you needed out of Taylor, which is to be on Hot Topics—and so Tom's got next!"