It seems not even Spider-Man is immune to the odd nasty injury. Tom Holland has broken his nose on a movie set for the third time, and while it is as yet unclear as to what movie it was, it's safe to say that the actor should rethink doing his own stunts.

Tom Holland at the 'Spider-Man' premiereTom Holland at the 'Spider-Man' premiere

The 21-year-old remained in good spirits as he revealed to his social media followers that he has managed to bust his nose yet again, with people debating about whether it was on the set of the recently wrapped 'Avengers 4' or sci-fi feature 'Chaos Walking'.

'Who said acting was easy, huh?' He said in a video, clutching an ice pack to his face which he moves to reveal his crooked and bruised nose. 'Broken nose number three: what a way to finish a movie.'

Just two and a half months ago he Tweeted out that he'd broken his nose for a second time on the set of 'Chaos Walking'; an adaptation of the Patrick Ness sci-fi novel 'The Knife of Never Letting Go' which co-stars Daisy Ridley.

In 2016, Tom revealed that he first broke his nose while filming 'The Lost City of Z' - again during the last filming sessions. It certainly took him by surprise as, being a gymnast, he hadn't managed to screw up a backflip for a long time.

'I remember hitting my face on the floor and going, 'S***, that didn't happen'. I stood up, I thought I'd knocked my teeth out and the make-up artist was laughing at me', he explained during a press conference, but it only got worse. 

'When she saw my face, it went from 'Ha ha haa... OOOOH, MEDIC! MEDIC!'' He said. 'The guy came over and realigned my nose and there was blood pouring out and I've got a big gash across the top of my nose.'

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The champ that he is, however, he still went and completed the final shot of the movie before going to the hospital. Alone. Where nobody spoke English. So he eventually flew back home to get the break fixed.