Sir Tom Jones has vowed to never retire from music.

The iconic Welsh singer is now 81 but he intends to keep playing concerts until his body doesn't allow him to do so anymore.

He said: "I've got good bones and I am pretty fit, and as long as I've got two bloody legs, I'll keep performing.

"I can't wait for live shows because I love singing to a lot of people. Without them, what's the point?"

But Tom insists the days of women throwing their underwear at him when he's up on stage are long gone because his days of gyrating his hips and wearing tight pants are very much behind him now.

In an interview with the US edition of OK! magazine, the 'What's New Pussycat?' hitmaker said: "The tight pants, open neck shirt, people throwing things at me - that went with time.

"I concentrate more on the way I sing as opposed to the way I move. You can't be up there saying, 'I am Mr. Macho,' because I'm not. I'm not jumping all over the place, but I must admit that I don't feel 80."

'The Voice' judge insists he's enjoying life as a senior citizen and he can look back with pride on his life and career, especially the moment he got knighted by Queen Elizabeth in 2005.

He said: "The thing I am most proud of is being knighted by the queen.

"When I was a child, they didn't give medals to entertainers. I just thought if I could make a living as a singer, I'd be the happiest person in the world, which I am, but you don't think about being knighted. It's a wonderful thing and I never saw it coming."