Sir Tom Jones feels for musicians just starting out, who haven't been able to play concerts amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 80-year-old music legend admitted nothing compares to the feeling of playing to a live audience, and said it must be so "stifling" for young aspiring artists who have had the opportunity to perform to a crowd taken from them during the global health crisis.

In an interview with Clash, the 'Not Unusual' hitmaker said: "I actually feel sorry more for young people who are trying to start off and get some experience from doing live shows. It’s all very well being in your front room making videos and then getting straight on to television – like sometimes it happens on 'The Voice', where they’ve never been onstage before. So this COVID thing, it’s really stifling singers and bands who want to get out there, and get some experience, and get the feedback from the people. And they can’t get that at the moment.

I know what that feels like. At least I know what I’m missing … but some of these kids don’t know yet. They haven’t had the opportunity to experience it."

Elsewhere, the 'Sex Bomb' hitmaker - who will release his new album, 'Surrounded By Time', in April - admitted he's "always changing" as he never wants to repeat himself.

When asked if it's natural for him to keep looking for his next challenge, he replied: "Yes it is. Even when we do the hits, I’ve changed the arrangements on them. I don’t just copy what I’ve done. I don’t do ‘Delilah’ the same way as when we recorded it – we start it off as a ballad now. And then you realise what a good song it is – that’s the sign of a real good song, when you slow it down and do it in a good way. You think: s***, this is a meaningful lyric here! It takes on a different thing.

I’m always changing. Even if people want the hits – and rightfully so, I understand that – I can match that duty to the public by shifting them around. And I’ve never had any complaints. No one ever comes up to me and says: oh, you don’t do ‘Delilah’ the same way! And that, again, is learning … and it only comes with time. And that’s why we called the album ‘Surrounded By Time’ - it’s incredibly important."