Sir Tom Jones has announced a diverse set of cover songs for his new album.

The 80-year-old singer - whose upcoming record 'Surrounded By Time' drops on April 23 - has re-imagined tracks by the likes of Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens and Michael Kiwanuka for the collection, which has been co-produced by Ethan Johns and Mark Woodward.

In a press release, his team teased: "'Surrounded By Time' marks out new territory with a sonic landscape of outstanding musicianship and a vocal delivery that re-imagines a diverse set of songs of personal importance that have impacted the artist throughout a long, unpredictable but undeniably impressive career."

And Tom was particularly moved by Todd Snider's 'Talking Reality Television Blues', which is available now as the album's first single.

Commenting on the song, he said: "I was there when TV started - didn't know I'd become part of it - but it could be that its power is to remind us how wonderful, crazy and inventive we are, but also how scary the reality it reflects can be."

The 'It's Not Unusual' crooner recently revealed he had kept busy during the Covid-19 lockdown and is looking forward to revealing his new project.

Appearing on 'Jools Holland's Annual Hootenanny' show on New Year's Eve (31.12.20), he said: "I recorded an album just before the lockdown, at the beginning of the year.

"During lockdown, we've been mixing it and putting it together. That's what I'll be looking forward to."

Meanwhile, Stereophonics frontman Kelly Jones recently praised Tom as "a second father" to him.

Kelly underwent surgery to remove a polyp on his vocal cords in 2019, and developed a close bond with the music icon during his recovery.

He said: "The only musician I called was Tom Jones because I thought Tom would have gone through it - he’s like a second father to me.

"He’s had a lot of experience with his throat in a very long career and was very encouraging, telling me to relax and giving me advice. It was nice to have him to talk to about it."

'Surrounded By Time' tracklist

1. 'I Won’t Crumble With You If You Fall' (Bernice Johnson Reagon)

2. 'The Windmills Of Your Mind' (Michel Legrand/Alan & Marilyn Bergman)

3. 'Popstar' (Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam)

4. 'No Hole In My Head' (Malvina Reynolds)

5. 'Talking Reality Television Blues' (Todd Snider)

6. 'I Won’t Lie' (Michael Kiwanuka & Paul Butler)

7. 'This is the Sea' (Michael Scott)

8. 'One More Cup Of Coffee' (Bob Dylan)

9. 'Samson And Delilah' (Tom Jones, Ethan Johns, Mark Woodward)

10. 'Mother Earth' (Tony Jo White)

11. 'I’m Growing Old' (Bobby Cole)

12. 'Lazarus Man' (Terry Callier)