It's been two days and people are still talking about Tom Jones' marvellous impromptu performance of 'Great Balls of Fire' on the 'The Voice UK' at the weekend. It's always a treat to hear an unexpected jam from a major musician, because you just never see it these days.

Tom JonesTom Jones performed 'Great Balls of Fire' on The Voice UK

Episode two of the televised singing contest aired on Saturday night (January 14th 2017) with another round of blind auditions. Tom Jones entertained his fellow judges Gavin Rossdale, Jennifer Hudson and, as well as the appreciative audience, by launching into a flawless rendition of the classic Jerry Lee Lewis hit 'Great Balls of Fire' from 1964.

It was in response to Will's repeated emphases that he was looking for an act that would bring the 'fire' (or - as he pronounced it - 'fy-ah!'), to which veteran crooner Tom replied: 'Well, we could do 'Great Balls of Fire'.' Will joked, 'Okay!', but Tom showed that he wasn't kidding one bit and promptly began singing the first verse of the timeless rock 'n' roll hit.

As the audience cheered and clapped along to the beat, the band started up and Tom rose to his feet while danced on his chair. Someone certainly did bring the 'fy-ah' to the sixth season of 'The Voice' that night, but it wasn't a contestant. We hope that the rest of the series carries on in the same vein.

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Now's the time we start petitioning for Tom Jones to appear on the 'Carpool Karaoke' segment of 'The Late Late Show with James Corden'. But meanwhile, you'll have to make do with hoping for another unscripted snippet from the 'It's Not Unusual' hitmaker as he continues on with the rest of the series.

Episode 3 of 'The Voice' UK season 6 airs on ITV on January 21st 2017.