Tom Jones wants to be a movie star.

The 'Not Unusual' crooner turned 75 this year - but he has no plans to retire anytime soon as he's set out plans to appear on the big screen.

He told The Sun newspaper: ''The thing that I have always thought about is making a movie. I was offered a movie role once in a film called 'Wild Rovers', and I did this thing called 'King Of The Teds'.

''I looked at it and thought 'Christ, I'm convincing myself here'. I would love to try a meaty part.''

The Welsh singer would follow in the footsteps of the late Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley, and Tom - who was close pals with the legendary pair - recently revealed the trio had aspirations to open their own hotel in Las Vegas.

Tom previously said: ''It came pretty close, Frank and myself and Elvis Presley and some other people who were big names at the time we're going to do it. We almost got to it but it never occurred. We could have called it Tiger Bay, that would have been good.

''Elvis' karate name was Tiger. I've been known as El Tigre - that's my Spanish name - so I was known as The Tiger when I stared out. So Tiger Bay would have been a good name for it.''