Review of Set The Story Straight EP by Tom Mcrae

Tom Mcrae
Set The Story Straight
EP Review

Tom Mcrae Set The Story Straight EP

Set The Story Straight is a digital download release from the Essex born singer-songwriter Tom McRae. This EP features four alternative cuts from the new album 'King Of Cards'.

Opening song 'Set The Story Straight' relies on a romantic guitar arrangement with McRae's crooning vocals, whilst 'Sound Of The City' instantly conjures up frightening similarities with Take That's Mark Owen. Things don't get much better with the horrifically cheesy piano-led ballad 'Bright Lights', and
Final track 'Keep Your Picture Clear' is a rant directed at Tony Blair which only really becomes listenable when the song reaches the final stages.

Tom McRae seems to have quite a dedicated fan-base and his previous releases have brought him much acclaim, but if I'm being completely honest, it's difficult to see what all the fuss is about. Imagine a less competent version of a Ryan Adams or Damien Rice, and this is pretty much what you're left with. Cringe worthy.

Colin Burrill

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