Kasabian frontman Tom Meighan spent an agonising 10 hours trying to avoid fellow rockers My Chemical Romance on a plane - after insulting the band early in his career.
The British rocker had criticised Gerard Way's group, accusing the Welcome to the Black Parade hitmakers of penning "ventriloquists' music" - and then found himself on a 10-hour plane flight from the U.K. to San Francisco with the band earlier this year (11).
He admits he spent almost the entire journey avoiding eye contact before plucking up the courage to apologise to Way.
Meighan tells Q magazine, "I thought, 'F**k it, I've gotta go and apologise.' So I went over, he went, 'Hey man!' We gave each other a hug and then the whole band started laughing.
"I thought, 'F**k, why didn't I do this before we took off, (we) could've saved ourselves 10 hours of s**t!' Anyway, all that taking the p**s, we was (sic) only ever having a laugh. What else did you want from young, foolish 23-year-olds?"