The modern, made-for-TV version of Sleepy Hollow is ridiculous. Everyone knows it’s ridiculous. Everyone likes ridiculous. That’s why 10.1m people tuned in to watch the pilot, providing a welcome spike in the ratings for Fox, who will be delighted with their 3.5 rating for 18-49 year-olds.

Tom Mison, Nicole Beharie, Orlando Jones, Katie Winter The Sleepy Hollow cast: [left to right] Tom Mison, Nicole Beharie, Orlando Jones and Katie Winter

In case you didn’t know, Sleepy Hollow (the modern version) follows Ichabod Crane who "dies" during a mission for General George Washington in 1781 and awakens in 2013 Sleepy Hollow, New York. Of course, Ichabod can’t just enjoy the wonders of the 21st century – make coffees in machines and fly, etc – no; he has to deal with the headless horsemen.

See, the headless horseman woke up too, and who lead him to his state of headlessness? Yeah, it was Ichabod, who has to team up with the newly appointed Sheriff Abbie Mills to take ol’ Murdery no’Head down. Problem is, the grumpy headless killer has discovered a massive machine gun. And, as the ratings suggest, people like headless men tearing around spooky towns in the outskirts of New York wielding modern weaponry.

Len WisemanExecutive Producer Len Wiseman.

The reviews certainly didn’t suggest this would be a ratings winner for Fox, with most sites praising its intent, but hoping that it improves, like IGN. “The tight focus of the pilot does mean that the show’s world is a bit narrow for now but I imagine that it will start expanding in the upcoming episodes, and there are hints that this is all just a prelude for much bigger things to come,” says their review.

“Can Sleepy Hollow live up to Buffy, the granddaddy (or grandmomma) of this genre? Time will tell, but for now I’m just happy to see it off to a good start with a lively, fun first hour.”