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7th October 2015

Fact: Actress Kerry Washington and rocker Tom Morello will be honoured for their efforts to promote civil rights and social justice at the Southern California chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union's Bill of Rights Awards Dinner on 8 November (15). Past honourees include Barbara Streisand, Dustin Hoffman, Martin Scorsese and Hans Zimmer.

4th March 2015

Fact: Rocker Tom Morello used his performance with rapper GZA on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday (03Mar15) to hammer home the need to "Warm The Homeless" as residents on America's East Coast brace themselves for another big blizzard this week (ends06Mar15). The Rage Against the MAChine star had the message scrawled in red paint on the body of his electric guitar as the pair played its new collaboration, The Mexican, for Tv viewers, backed by house band The Roots. They were also joined onstage by b-boy dance icon Crazy Legs towards the end of the track.

5th August 2014

Tweet: "Beastie Boys Adam Yauch would have been 50 today. Rip Mca". Rocker Tom Morello pays tribute to the late rap icon, who died of cancer in 2012.

29th April 2014

Fact: Rockers Linkin Park's new album, The Hunting Party, will feature guest spots from Tom Morello and System Of A Down star Daron Malakian.

16th September 2013

Tweet: "Saw a Miller Lite commericial (sic) with a suspiciously Morellian rip off riff. Feeling litigious on a Sunday." Rocker Tom Morello is considering legal action against beer brand bosses over the music featured in one of their Tv adverts.

11th July 2013

Tweet: "RIP Toshi Seeger, companera (sic) of Pete Seeger and hero in her own right." Rocker Tom Morello pays tribute to the folk legend's activist wife, who died on Tuesday (09Jul13).

4th June 2013

Tweet: "RIP Deacon Jones, fearsomest (sic) of LA Rams... and likely all time Nfl sack leader. Great, great player." Rocker Tom Morello remembers American football star David 'deacon' Jones following his death on Monday (03Jun13).

22nd March 2013

Tweet: "RIP Chinua Achebe, spectacular Nigeria author. 'Things Fall Apart' 10 million copies sold and absolutely Required reading". Rocker Tom Morello pays tribute to the revered writer, who passed away on Friday (22Mar13) at the age of 82.

3rd October 2012

Tweet: "Had biggest fan freakout in memory when I met "Checkov" from the original Star Trek last nite. Lost. My. Mind." Rocker Tom Morello couldn't contain his excitement after meeting actor Walter Koenig, who played Pavel Chekov in the sci-fi classic, on Tuesday (02Oct12).

9th August 2012

Tweet: "Was recently at the beach and if I had a dollar for every woman I saw Not reading '50 Shades Of Grey' I would have zero dollars." Rocker Tom Morello can't escape the craze surrounding the erotic novel.

10th July 2012

Tweet: "Ronnie James Dio's bday today. Would be 70 yrs old. Rip Ronnie. U are missed. Will crank some 'We Rock' in his memory". Rocker Tom Morello remembers the late heavy metal icon on what would have been his 70th birthday on Tuesday (10Jul12). The Dio, Black Sabbath and Rainbow frontman lost his battle with stomach cancer in May, 2010.

1st July 2012

Tweet: "Laying down solos on an iconic rapper's and an iconic rocker's new albums in the same day. Pumped up for power shredding." Rage Against The Machine star Tom Morello has an exciting couple of secret projects lined up.

21st May 2012

Fact: Rocker and activist Tom Morello performed at the National Nurses United rally at Chicago's Daley Plaza in Illinois on Friday afternoon (18May12). The Rage Against The MAChine star played a short set of protest anthems under the guise of his alter-ego the Nightwatchman.

18th January 2012

Tweet: "Rip Jimmy Castor. The Jimmy Castor Bunch was one of the first records I ever heard." Rocker Tom Morello pays tribute to the funk legend, who died on Monday (16Jan12), aged 64.

6th December 2011

Tweet: "Rip Brazilian soccer legend Socrates. His politics were as righteous as his blind heel pass." Rocker Tom Morello pays his respects to the sports ace, who died on Sunday (04Dec11).

24th April 2009

Fact: Rage Against The Machine star Tom Morello and California hip-hop icon Boots Riley have called their new band the STREET SWEEPER SOCIAL CLUB. The group will open for Nine Inch Nails and JANE'S ADDICTION on a North American tour this summer (09).

10th January 2009

Fact: Rage Against The Machine star Tom Morello once cancelled a show in Belgium so he could race home and catch a St. Louis Rams football game in America.

9th January 2009

Fact: Rage Against The Machine rocker Tom Morello has an odd keepsake - a horse hair from 1973 U.S. Triple Crown winner Secretariat. The framed hair from his equine idol was a birthday gift from country singer Shooter Jennings.

1st July 2008

Fact: Rocker Tom Morello is taking another break from his band Rage Against The Machine - he is set to release his second solo album under his alias the NIGHTWATCHMAN on 30 September (08).

29th April 2008

Fact: Rage Against The Machine star Tom Morello appears briefly as a terrorist in new blockbuster IRON MAN. The rocker also contributes to the movie's soundtrack.

24th April 2008

Quote: "When he plays he gets so into it... he has sweat dripping from the top of his baseball cap. It's insane... If you haven't seen a Rage Against The Machine show, go see it." Fergie admits she's a huge fan of rocker Tom Morello.

16th April 2008

Quote: "This is what happens when I go through my BlackBerry." Rocker Tom Morello on how he persuaded pals like STEWART COPLELAND, Perry Farrell, Slash, Pete Yorn and the Mc5's Wayne Kramer to join him onstage for the launch of his Justice Tour in Los Angeles on Tuesday night (15Apr08).

8th April 2008

Fact: Rage Against The Machine rocker Tom Morello joined Bruce Springsteen onstage in Anaheim, California for a collaboration on THE GHOST OF TOM JOAD - a Springsteen track the guitarist has covered.

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