Tom Parker and Jay McGuiness enjoy slumber parties together.

The Wanted bandmates are close friends who hang out together a lot, and love spending the day after a big night out relaxing in front of the television watching their favourite movies.

Tom said: ''We used to all have nights in together but we don't so much any more. Jay still comes round a lot though. Me and him spend quite a lot of time together.

''Sometimes we'll go on a big night out, and the next day we'll just crash and watch a film together and get a pizza. Slumber party!''

Despite enjoying their nights in, Tom still loves going out dancing - even if he admits his moves are not very cool.

He added: ''A great night out is all about good company, environment and music. I dance but embarrass myself a lot. As long as I'm having a good time I don't care!''

The 'All Time Low' hitmakers - who formed in 2009 - are to embark on a tour later this year and Tom is still stunned by their huge fan base.

He told Top of the Pops magazine: ''We're really looking forward to our tour. I have to pinch myself sometimes when I'm doing a gig and see all these people screaming at us. I still don't think I'll ever get used to it.''