Today the world of cinema mourns the death of Tom Sherak, studio executive and former Academy president. On Tuesday it was announced that Sherak had succumb to a long battle with prostate cancer and died at his Calabasas, Calif. home.

Tom Sherak, Dinner Of Champions
Sherak died as one of the most respected men in Hollywood.

Sherak had a long and fruitful career at 20th Century Fox, followed by a few years at Revolution Studios. However, his career peaked when he was elected President of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts And Sciences in 2009, for two consecutive terms. On September 26, 2013, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti appointed Tom Sherak as director of the newly created Mayor's Entertainment Industry and Production Office.

By Wednesday, Twitter had been flooded with tributes from friends and colleagues of Sherak. In a statement to The Hollywood Reporter, George Lucas shared his thoughts at the sad news, saying, "Tom's passion for everything he did made him an inspiration to work with. His boundless enthusiasm for Star Wars earned him an honorary Jedi master title. He was unique in the industry and will be missed."

George Lucas, Daytime Emmy Awards
George Lucas was among the first to speak out after Sherak's death.

Producers, actors, executives and even politicians have united in celebrating the life of Sherak, who died at the age of 68. James Cameron, who worked closely with Sherak, also spoke of his former colleague with nothing but fondness. "Tom was a mentor to me and a good friend for almost three decades. He embodied the heart and soul of movies -- entertainment and showmanship -- timeless values in our business,” Cameron said. "There was always a sparkle in his eye when it was time to release a film, and you knew that it was going to be a grand adventure playing out on a global stage. I will miss his spirit, his sense of fun, his love of cinema -- but most of all, his friendship."