Tommy Hilfiger wants to see the fashion industry become more ''sustainable and inclusive''.

The 69-year-old fashion designer - who is the founder of his eponymously titled fashion brand - has called for more to be done to make the industry environmentally friendly, as well as inclusive to all genders, races, and body types.

Tommy's clothing brand has launched a new initiative to ensure they cut down on their waste, and the designer has said he's ''excited'' to see how other creators will ''evolve for the better''.

When asked what he wants to change about the fashion industry, he said: ''For the industry to take on a more sustainable and inclusive approach. The pandemic has shown that we were heading down an unsustainable path - socially and environmentally. This has sparked important conversations and change.

''At Tommy, we are so excited to have just launched our Make it Possible Program, a commitment to create fashion that wastes nothing and welcomes all. Brands are being challenged to reevaluate their priorities, and I'm excited to see how we will all evolve for the better.''

And Tommy also wants to see brands working alongside more activists, who will help to ''drive meaningful change''.

He added: ''Consumers are aligning with brands that authentically share their values. We will see more partnerships with activists working to make the world a better place. We have always partnered with ambassadors who use their voices and platforms to drive meaningful change. More than ever, we are looking for dreamers who use their voice for good to collaborate with.''

The designer even wants to see an end to ''trend-chasing'', as he encouraged people to stop switching out their entire wardrobe whenever something new comes into fashion.

Speaking to InStyle magazine, he said: ''We moved away from the traditional seasonal cycle years ago so that fans could shop our collections in-season. It's all about putting the consumer first. As the industry realises that the rigid timeline and framework aren't consumer-centric, we'll likely see a shift away from trend-chasing. As a brand, we have always believed in creating wardrobe staples with a sense of purpose that withstand the tests of time.''