A Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Business School has opened at Elmira College.

The 70-year-old fashion designer and his siblings, Andy and Betsy, have teamed up to open an educational facility in New York that aims to provide fashion students with business knowledge as part of a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Hilfiger told WWD: “The partnership with Elmira College reflects much more than my personal connection to the area. The fashion industry runs on a never-ending influx of new talent, and this program will be instrumental in shaping aspiring designers and entrepreneurs through firsthand knowledge and experience in the business.”

The designer and his siblings grew up in Elmira, where he also opened his first local store in 1969 called People’s Place, and now Hilfiger wants to "give back" to his hometown.

He continued: “I want to give back to my hometown, Elmira, N.Y., and inspire students who are interested in pursuing studies in a career of fashion. My family and I have a long-standing relationship with Elmira College and we felt this would be a great addition to the business program. The opening of the Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Business School is an exciting endeavor for my family and me.”

The programme is scheduled to start later this year.

Dr. Charles Lindsay, president of Elmira College, added: "We know we need to adjust to the changing needs of a global workplace, as well as student expectations of a comprehensive education experience. Tomorrow’s workforce will be more complex than ever before. Programs and partnerships, like the Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Business School, enable us to bridge a liberal arts education with professional studies and pave a path to success for our students. We are grateful to have the support of the Hilfiger family, and look forward to welcoming our first students to the program in the fall of 2021.”