Tommy Hilfiger are looking at creating digital fashion shows.

The fashion brand have been experimenting with avatars and holograms at its innovation centre in Amsterdam, and has bosses have said they could be set to move solely into ''virtual runway shows'' in the future.

Daniel Grieder, chief executive officer of Tommy Hilfiger Global and PVH Europe, said: ''We are looking into that. We try to fully digitise that value chain also, and try to enable virtual runway shows.''

The brand has been running some ''tests'' amid the coronavirus pandemic to see if the digital shows are a viable option, and Grieder says they could be set to keep doing shows virtually even after the health crisis has passed.

He added: ''We did some tests, it's something new and I think the end consumer and the trade will like it. As soon as this virus is over, and we are back to the new normal, we will try to implement that within a few months. The technology is already around, technology tested by us, and we see great opportunities going in that direction.''

Whilst founding and titular designer Tommy Hilfiger has insisted he is opened to new possibilities, as he said technology has the power to ''reach new creative heights''.

He explained: ''From Day One, I've always listened to what the consumer wants, and embraced that as the starting point for my designs and to create unique pop culture experiences. Digital technology has become something most of us can no longer live without - never has this been truer than in today's unprecedented landscape. As technology evolves, so does its ability to bring us together and reach new creative heights. I can't reveal yet how exactly this is going to look for us in the future, but I can promise the best is yet to come!''

As of the time of writing, the brand are looking into the possibility of using augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality solutions, which would use avatars instead of real life models.

Speaking to WWD, Grieder said: ''We have created avatars. You can use them as fit models, we can even do campaigns with them, we can integrate them into fashion shows. We have it in place, but we have not yet used it in the outside world as we are still testing and experiencing internally.''