Tommy Lee Jones' grumpy face is now there for all to see on the Internet. After decade upon decade in the movie business, we think Tommy Lee Jones deserves the right to be a bad mood every often. He must be shattered.

What got Jones all angry (facially, we can't speak for his brain) was Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig's brand of comedy, as they came out to host the best actress in a drama award. "Merial Streep," says Wiig. "It's Hope Springs and she's that sassy sheriff," said Ferrell. The two put their hands on their hips and shout, "I'm Hope Springs," just as the camera cuts to Jones, who looks furious with their antics, while everyone else is enjoying the bit. To be fair to Jones, and we love to be fair to Jones, it was rather annoying. To be even more fair to Jones, he could just have been concentrating really hard, or thinking about a sad time. Lincoln was nominated for seven awards, including one for Jones' Thaddeus Stevens character. Ferrell and Wiig also poked fun at his other film, Hope Springs, which might have annoyed him, too.

Elsewhere at the awards, Les Miserables picked up three awards, including one for Anne Hathaway. Ben Affleck surprised everyone by picking up best director for his film, Argo