Toni Braxton should have had ''more sex'' when she was younger.

The 'Un-Break My Heart' hitmaker wishes she partied more, drunk more and had more sex but her ''religious upbringing'' stopped her from doing so.

She said: ''I regret not having more sex when I was younger. I should have drank more. I should have partied more. Smoked more, even. I think my religious upbringing stopped me doing a lot of things that I should have done. It's not a good look at the age I am now.

''The way it works is you do that stuff in your 20s and 30s and then in your 40s you've earned enough to pay for the therapy.''

And Toni also opened up about her family's religious beliefs.

Speaking about her childhood, she added: ''When I was seven, my family became very religious. We were Jehovah's Witnesses; we were Catholic - we tried everything before settling on United Methodist. I asked my mum once what they were searching for and she just replied, 'It was the '70s.' The '70s were a very religious era. I think a lot of people were looking for the right path.''

Toni insists she's not religious now but more spiritual instead.

She shared to The Guardian newspaper: ''I wouldn't say I was religious, but I am spiritual. I believe in a greater force.''

Earlier this year, it was revealed Toni has been ''going back and forth'' on wedding dates with her fiancé Birdman.

She said: ''We have been going back and forth on wedding dates. We had a great date but then it was getting too big, we didn't want a big wedding. Then we said, 'OK, we don't want it too small.'

''Then he said, 'OK, let's do the drive through.' I'm like, 'We are not doing a drive through. I'm not ordering fries after we get married, babe.' We've been trying to figure it out, but we are definitely gonna do it this year.''