Former-Prime Minister Tony Blair's daughter was stopped at gunpoint as she was walking her dog with a group of friends and her boyfriend when two men appeared - one armed - and demanded jewellery and money. After ordering valuable goods and receiving none, the men scarpered empty-handed.

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Kathryn Blair [Centre] Was Held At Gunpoint & Told To Hand Over Her Valuables.

The 25 year-old barrister and her friends were said to be shocked but unharmed in the incident that could have ended much more gravely. Kathryn was threatened near her townhouse home in London's Marylebone on Monday (16 September) evening when the frightening near-attack occurred. She and her boyfriend had just returned from a weekend in Buckinghamshire attending the wedding of her 29 year-old brother Euan to Suzanne Ashman.

A statement from the Blair family reads, "Kathryn was with a group of friends. No one was hurt and nothing was stolen. Scotland Yard are involved and are linking the attempted mugging with another incident that occurred nearby half an hour earlier."

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Luckily For Kathryn & Her Boyfriend, Nothing Was Taken & No One Was Hurt.

A spokesman said, "We were alerted at around 8.30pm to two robberies in the street in the Marylebone area. The first happened at 8pm and was carried out by a lone suspect. The second occurred approximately 30 minutes later. We believe both robberies were carried out by the same male suspect, though on the second occasion he was accompanied by another individual."

The first incident reportedly occurred at the nearby Boston Place and involved a female victim and a male suspect. A police spokesman said "The victims were a man and a woman; the suspects were two males. The incident is being linked with another attempted robbery nearby half-an-hour earlier. On both occasions a firearm was seen but not used - no shots were fired. None of the victims were injured and nothing was stolen during the incidents," via The Independent.

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Tony Blair's Divisive Leadership Could Make His Family Targets, Some Believe.

A security expert has voiced his concerns over Ms. Blair's ongoing safety, considering the way her father divided opinions during his stint as Prime Minister, warning "It seems staggering that the daughter of man who evokes such extreme emotions in some should be wandering around in the dark at night without protection. To think she had a gun pulled on her and was effectively defenceless raises massive questions about her personal safety. Thankfully she came to no harm but the potential terrorism threat is obvious," via The Express.

Officers from Westminster borough are said to be investigating both attempted robberies.