Movie legend Tony Curtis is stunned to learn Brokeback Mountain has received eight Oscar nominations, insisting there is nothing "unique" about the gay cowboy romance.

Ang Lee's tragic epic has received nods for Best Director, Best Picture, Best Actor for Heath Ledger, Best Supporting Actor for Jake Gyllenhaal and Best Supporting Actress for Michelle Williams, much to the chagrin of Curtis.

The SOME LIKE IT HOT star, 80, tells Fox News reporter BILL McCUDDY, "This picture is not as important as we make it.

"It's nothing unique. The only thing unique about it is they put it on the screen. And they make 'em (male gay lovers) cowboys.

"Howard Hughes and John Wayne wouldn't like it."

When asked to name his favourite film of the year, Curtis replied, "Harry Potter AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE."