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30th September 2010

Quote: "He's an entirely different generation from me... his age was 85, so I suppose you could say that's pretty good innings, but, when you're 77 that doesn't sound very much." SIR Michael Caine is highly aware of his own mortality after learning of the death of screen veteran Tony Curtis.

31st May 2010

Quote: "My closest friends were Jack Lemmon, Cary Grant, Burt Lancaster, and Frank Sinatra. Cary Grant was the epitome of a guy. By watching them, I saw how people did things... I didn't have the polish that they had, the social graces... I'd watch these guys pouring coffee and picking up girls, lighting cigarettes." Veteran actor Tony Curtis reveals his famous mentors.

10th June 2009

Fact: Actor Tony Curtis has revealed Jack Lemmon's character in Some Like It Hot was originally to be played by Frank Sinatra. Director Billy Wilder picked Lemmon after telling Curtis, "I think Frank would be too much trouble".

16th October 2008

Quote: "Just lay back. Don't push. Don't make your partner nervous over anything. When I was first married to (first wife) Janet (LEIGH)... she was so conciliatory (calm). That gave me an idea of what (marriage) was going to be like." Veteran actor Tony Curtis advises newly-married couples on how to make their unions last after walking down the aisle six times in his 83 years.

15th October 2008

Quote: "I embellish them. I keep making more of them. I want to find another quality about me that's in there somewhere." Hollywood veteran Tony Curtis explains why he has so many self-portraits in his home.

15th October 2008

Quote: "We talk about the movies. She's become a very intelligent, thoughtful actress." Hollywood veteran Tony Curtis is a fan of daughter Jamie Lee Curtis' films.

3rd October 2008

Quote: "Her breasts were every teenage boy's fantasy. It was truly unforgettable." Tony Curtis discusses his brief affair with Marilyn Monroe in his forthcoming autobiography AMERICAN PRINCE.

18th April 2008

Quote: "I've been in movies 55 years, I've made around 147 movies, I don't know how many more I have to make!" Veteran star Tony Curtis refuses to rule out making any more films.

24th February 2008

Quote: "I'm really into suits. I was always inspired by the actor Tony Curtis. He always looked impeccable. He was a master of style." Velvet Revolver rocker-turned-designer Matt Sorum on his style inspiration.

8th December 2007

Fact: Veteran actor Tony Curtis was presented with the Jules Verne Lifetime Achievement Award at a ceremony in Los Angeles on Thursday (06Dec07). The inaugural award honours Curtis for embodying the spirit of human adventure.

21st September 2006

Quote: "Jamie's having a tough time now. She can't play the ingenue anymore and that must be tough for her." Tony Curtis on daughter Jamie Lee Curtis' acting career struggles.

15th March 2006

Quote: "We were going to star together in Brokeback Mountain, but we couldn't decide which one was going to star in front." SIR Roger Moore jokes with his The Persuaders! co-star Tony Curtis.

2nd January 2006

Quote: <p>"Sex is something you can become good at, like fencing." Movie veteran Tony Curtis insists practice makes perfect when it comes to lovemaking. </p>

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