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2nd April 2015

Fact: Scandal star Tony Goldwyn showed off his ability to grab a power nap anywhere when he dosed off during an interview with U.S. TV chat show host Ellen DeGeneres on Thursday (02Apr15). The actor explained he uses breathing techniques to block out the sound around him and often sleeps for two or three minutes before a major scene in a film or TV show or before taking the stage in a play.

20th March 2015

Fact: The children of late Hollywood movie icon SAMUEL GOLDWYN JR. are putting his impressive art collection up for sale. Over 20 of the studio boss' masterpieces, including paintings by Picasso, Matisse and David Hockney, will be auctioned across nine sales by Sotheby's in New York. The collection is estimated to be worth between $25 million (£16.6 million) and $30 million (£20 million). Goldwyn died in January, aged 88, and his sprawling Georgian mansion is also up for sale, with an asking price of $39 million (£26 million).

2nd December 2014

Quote: "I went bright red in the table read... and doing phone sex was actually in a way harder than doing a regular sex scene. Because a regular sex scene, it's all so weird and ridiculous, and you have this other person that you're with. But for the phone sex scene, it was me, alone on the phone, actually having phone sex with someone, and just the crew watching me!... The scene was really hot! I could not believe they aired that on ABC." Scandal star Tony Goldwyn was embarrassed after filming a phone sex scene with onscreen love interest Kerry Washington.

8th October 2014

Quote: "She's very chill. Early in my career I did a movie where there was a lot of nudity and sex, and I was very anxious about her reaction. Jane was like, 'She's a beautiful woman. What's your problem?' She had a sense of humour about it. I've always been grateful to her. There is no, 'Ooh, I can't watch that.'" Scandal star Tony Goldwyn insists his wife of 27 years, production designer Jane Musky, has no issues with his frequent sex scenes in the hit political drama.

6th March 2011

Fact: Ghost villain Tony Goldwyn is set to join the celebrity U.S. presidents club when he plays the American leader in new TV drama Damage Control.

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