Eighties stars Tony Hadley and Kim Wilde are teaming up to set a new world record for the highest ever gig by performing together on a jumbo jet.

The Spandau Ballet star and the Kids in America hitmaker will put on an acoustic show for 120 fans, pals and British Airways staff at 43,000 feet (13,000 metres).

The duo, along with other 1980s acts including Bananarama and Go West, who are also taking part in the stunt, hope to beat the current record of 42,080 feet (12,825 metres) held by James Blunt.

Organisers have specially modified a Boeing 767 plane by removing rows of seats, and airline staff have vowed to dress in classic 1980s 'New Romantic' outfits for the gig on Sunday (10Mar13).

Hadley tells U.K. Tv show Loose Women, "We are basically going to try to break the record and get in the Guinness Book of Records for the highest concert ever performed up in the sky... It's going to be all acoustic. It's got to be completely live and we have got 120 nutcases that are all joining us on the flight as well. It's going to be great fun."

The stunt is taking place as part of the U.K.'s annual Comic Relief charity fundraiser.